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Darrah Sanctuary - Kota


The Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1955 and covers an area of 250 sq kms today. It was once the hunting grounds for the Maharaja of Kota before he handed it over to the government. At the Darrah sanctuary, there are spotted Deers, Wild boars, Bears, Sambhars, Leopards, Panthers, Wolves, Sloth Bears, Chinkaras and Antelopes.

The sanctuary is sometimes closed during the monsoon (usually from early July to mid September). Adventure freaks and wildlife enthusiasts can look forward to a wonderful time at Darrah. Indeed from jungle safaris to treks, there are lots to see and do at the Darrah Sanctuary. Besides, the sanctuary is also home to many rare trees and plants with medicinal values. Sent at 3:35 PM on Friday