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Hotel Basant Vihar Palace

Hotel Basant Vihar Palace Overview

The Basant Vihar Palace was constructed because of an incredible aspiration of His Highness Maharaja Ganga Singh ji, a specialist of

Hotel Bhairon Vilas

Hotel Bhairon Vilas Overview

Bhairon Vilas Haveli was the own residence of Maharaj Bhairon Singh ji. This property was not only named after its immense builder but because of the statu

Hotel Bhanwar Niwas

Hotel Bhanwar Niwas Overview

Bhanwar Niwas Palace at Bikaner, the most splendid of the renowned havelis belonging to the Rampuria family. Specially made by the late Seth Bhanwarlalji R

Hotel Gajner Palace

Hotel Gajner Palace Overview

The former Maharajas and visiting British luminaries during the days of the Rajasthan used Gajner Palace owned and managed by the HRH GROUP of Hotels, as a

Hotel Harasar Haveli

Hotel Harasar Haveli Overview

Late Colonel Rao Bahadur Thakur Jeoraj Singh, the Home and Army Minister of the former princely State of Bikaner constructed Harasar Haveli. He was the ru

Hotel Jaswant Bhawan

Hotel Jaswant Bhawan Overview

Hotel Jaswant Bhawan is a splendid reminder of the magnificent past. Rao Bahadur Jaswant Singhji, last Prime Minster of former State of Bikaner built the Jaswant Bhawan

Hotel Karni Bhawan Palace

Hotel Karni Bhawan Palace Overview

Earlier Karni Bhawan Palace which was the royal residence of Maharaja Karni Singh, was built in a lavish art deco style, popular by the 1950s in the US a

Hotel Lallgarh Palace

Hotel Lallgarh Palace Overview

The Lallgarh palace is an impressive red- sand stone palace and was constructed by Maharaja Ganga Singhji in the memory of his father, M

Hotel Laxmi Niwas Palace

Hotel Laxmi Niwas Palace Overview

Hotel Laxmi Niwas Palace was the individual residence of Maharaja Ganga Singhji of Bikaner and it was constructed in the year 1902. T

Hotel Meghsar Castle

Hotel Meghsar Castle Overview

Hotel Meghsar Castle in Bikaner is one of the best three star hotels in Bikaner. Hotel Meghsar Castle was earlier famous as the "Meg