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Desert Festival Jaisalmer

Where: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

One of the most popular of the festivals, the Desert Festival of Jaisalmer coincides with the full moon in February. A three-day journey into the heart of the Thar Desert and the golden city of Jaisalmer it is a true show on the sands. The desert pulsates with a myriad of Rajasthani dances: Ghoomer, Gangaur, Gair Dhap, Moria, Chari and Tehratal. The famous Gair dancers and the Fire dances are the special highlights of the festival. Folk performers like musicians, ballad singers, snake charmers, and puppeteers all exhibit their traditional skills.

There are exciting camel dances, camel acrobatics, camel races, and camel polo, competitions for the best decorated camel, tug-of-war between musclemen, a turban tying competition and a Mr. Desert contest. The culmination is a sound and light spectacle on a moonlit night amidst sand dunes.

Start Date 12-02-2014 01-02-2015
Last Date 14-02-2014 03-02-2015