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Hotel Ajit Bhawan

Address : Ajit Bhawan, Near Circuit House,
Jodhpur – 342006, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Ajit Bhawan Overview:
Hotel Ajit Bhawan is the India first heritage hotel which is built by Udaipur's Maharaja.

Hotel Balsamand Lake Palace

Address : Balsamand Palace, Mandore Road,
Jodhpur – 342026, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Balsamand Lake Palace Overview
This hotel is very beautiful heritage site and it was a summer resort for the members of

Hotel Devi Bhawan

Address : Devi Bhawan, Ratanada Area,
Defence Lab Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Devi Bhawan Overview
Devi Bhawan is the best example for the economy budget stay to traveler it has 70 year old environme

Hotel Haveli Inn Pal

Address : Haveli Inn Pal,
Gulab Sagar,
Jodhpur – 342001, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Haveli Inn Pal Overview
A stylishly designed Haveli inn is the confidential habitation of the erstwhile patrician of

Hotel The Heritage

Address : The Heritage,
Jodhpur – 342011, Rajasthan (India)

"The Heritage" is a unique building popularly known as "RAWLA" constructed in the year 1938 of its own kind. T

Hotel Karni Bhawan

Address : Karni Bhawan, Defence Lab Road,
Ratanada, Jodhpur – 342006, Rajasthan

Hotel Karni Bhawan Overview

Karni Bhawan is a well-known heritage hotel in Jodhpur. Lush green gardens mi

Hotel Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli

Address : Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli,
Nayabas, Killikhana,
Jodhpur – 342001, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli Overview
Krishna Prakash Heritage Haveli is very old and

Hotel Madho Niwas

Address : Madho Niwas, Bhenswara House,
New Airport Road, Ratanada,
Jodhpur – 342006, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Madho Niwas Overview
Hotel Madho Niwas is also a heritage hotel and is made of Pink

Hotel Pal Haveli

Address : Pal Haveli, Gulab Sagar,
Jodhpur – 342001, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Pal Haveli Overview
Pal Haveli which was built in 1847 by the Thakur of Pal, the habitation of the decent people of Pal is no

Hotel Polo Heritage

Address : Polo Heritage
12th Old Residency Road , Bhanwari House
Jodhpur – 342002, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Polo Heritage Overview
Polo Heritage is a building constructed by Gold Straw a well-kno

Hotel Meghniwas Guest House

Address : Meghniwas Guest House
30, Umed Club Road,
Jodhpur, Rajasthan (India)

Hotel Meghniwas Guest House Overview

Meghniwas Guest House is a very beautiful hotel or guest house. It