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Main Languages : Hindi, English and Rajasthani

Population :20717

Location :Mukundgarh, a tiny village located at a distance of around 25 kms in the southeast direction of Mandawa is renowned for its havellis and fort. The village has a very good handicraft market and is also known for the famous Jhunjhunwala haveli that is said to be carrying stories of Krishna and Sukhdev. This village of Mukundgarh belongs to the Shekhawati region and stand evidences of the medieval times. The government to promote tourism in the area has recently renovated the Mukundgarh fort.

Climate :The climate of Mukundgarh is dry and summer season is extremely hot. The temperature ranges from 40°C to 47°C in the month of May itself. The coldest month here is January with a minimum night temperature of 7°C. The district receives scanty rainfall annually.

Best Time to Visit :The best time to visit Mandawa is in winters between October to March.


Prime Attractions of Mukundgarh

Fort of Mukundgarh
The small village of Mukundgarh is small in size but has seen the coming in of various dynasties and bears evidences for all of them. The visitors therefore can expect to get a lot during their visit to this village. The true culture of Shekhawati region is reflected from the monuments located at this place. The major sightseeing places at Mukundgarh are Open air art gallery and Jhunjhunwala Haveli.

Open Air Art Gallery
This gallery is famous for its painted havelis that display excellent work by the artisans of those times. This gallery has a plethora of pieces of art displaying the trends of the times from 1750 AD to 1930 AD.



The city of Jhujhunu is the largest city in the Shekhawati region. This area was found by Kaimkhani nawabs in 15th century. Later in 1730 AD, Rajput king Sardul Singh took over this city. The main attractions of this city are Khetri Mahal, the Bihariji Temple, the Modi Haveli, and the Kaniram Narsinghdas Tiberwala Haveli.

Sikar was founded in the late 17th century and was the largest feudal state of Jaipur. The fort and temples of Gopinath, Raghunath and Madan Mohan with admirable frescoes are worth paying a visit. The jubilee Hall, Madho Niwas Kothi, Biwani Havelli, Sodhani Haveli, the Jain temple and a large market are other places of interest for the travelers here.

Dundlod that has several havelis is more famous for its fort and palace. These havelis of this region include Jathia Haveli, and Tuganram Goenka Haveli. Another famous attraction of this place is Satyanarayan Temple.

The Poddars established this place in the late 18th century. Apart from the havelis of the region, there are beautiful chhattris with painted entrances near Ramgarh bus stand and the temples of Shani and Ganga are places often visited by the devotees and holidaymakers.

How To Reach

By Air : aipur (167km) is the closest airport from Mukundgarh.

By Rail :
Jaipur offers the nearest railway station from Mukundgarh.

By Road :
Mukundgarh can be easily reached by roadways as it is well connected to all the major cities.