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Nahargarh Fort


Name : - Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort

Jai Singh was build up the small fort when his new Capital was built in 1734.After half centuries of the forts it still stands tall on a steep rocky face with massive walls and bastions for company. Jai singh II nd name is Sudarshangarh who provides the excellent  view of pink city through his fort Architecture.

Hot Attractions

The Monsoon Palace:-

Nahargarh fort is the best site regarding wild skyline during the day. Maharajah Sawai Madho Singh always wanted to have a pleasure retreat, besides his popular duck shooting arena at Jal Mahal. So in 1880, he bade the eminent Bengali architect Vidyadhar Bhattacharya to design a magnificent monsoon haven for his nine maharanis, and today it stands- with its past legends and present glory- as a splendid example of love in the hearts of people. As the main attraction of the fort, the Madhavendra Bhawan, has a cluster of 12 identical double story suits for queens and at the acme is a regal suit for the king

Location of Fort

Nahargarh fort in Rajasthan is having the best view among the Aravali Hills forming an impressive north part of the Jaipur. The older parts of the fort succumbed to the blitzkrieg of time but the newer additions are simply mind blowing. Nahargarh Fort also known as the tiger fort.

About Nahargarh Fort

In the world some of the species are disappeared over the years. but in the park some of the species are reintroduced, the park has tiger, Leopard, Asiatic Lion (otherwise confined only to the Gir Forest sanctuary in Gujarat), Sloth Bear, Caracal, several species of Deer, Ghariaal, Crocodile and Otter in its wetlands, Pangolin Jackal, Wild Dog, Wolf, Hyena, Jungle Civet and Fishing Cats, Ratel, Common and Desert Fox, Wild Boar, Rhesus Monkey and Langur, and, of course, a host of avian species.