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Taragarh Fort


Name : - Taragarh Fort

Taragrah fort is located in Kota Rajasthan. It is 40 km far from the main city Kota. Kota was the major respectable Kingdom among Rajasthani Rajputs. It is in one of the few Forts which were made in the year 1354 and accessible by a steep pitched road leading to its main gateway. At the gateway of the Taragarh fort it is rampant elephants. It consists of huge reservoirs carved out of solid rocks and the Bhim Burj which is mounted a famous cannon. Visitor can see the excellent bird’s view of the town from the fort is another attraction. The main entrance of the Taragarh fort is located 39 Km far from the center of the city Kota. There is sloping road and at the main entrance of the Fort having some meticulous carving of elephants. At the main entrance of the fort is having three gates.

They are named Lakshmi Pol, Phuta Darwaza and Gagudi ki Phatak. Most parts of these impressive gateways are now in ruins. Taragarh fort was renowned for its tunnels crossing the entire hillside. These tunnels allowed the king and his deputies to flee in case there was forthcoming danger to their lives from enemies. Taragarh fort has a stone tower which stores a heavy amount of mortar named Garbha Gunjan. This is the second largest collection of cannon in India. Another main thing is in the forts that, here is a big water reservoir which supplied water to the populace at the time of crises. During its halcyon days, Taragarh fort was prominent for its tunnels intertwining the whole hillside. These tunnels also served as emergency savior to the king and his ministers to escape when their lives were in peril.